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The purchase manual

I introduce basic knowledge such as the advice about the Real estate purchase.
If there is Ask of the Real estate purchase, please contact us casually.


I will think from a deposit

When I purchase a house, I generally borrow a home loan, but the constant amount of money must prepare as "Down Payment" from a fund.
This Down Payment moves to the article, but "20% of the Price" degree is usually idealized. In other words, the indication of "the sum to be able to buy" understands if I count it backward so that a deposit on hand becomes 20% of the Price.
But it takes a tax or Commission Fee when I buy a house. As it is a principle that covers these miscellaneous expenses with a fund, deposits more than 20% of the Price are actually necessary.

I will think from yearly income

The Price which can buy a home loan by "how much is it owed?" by your yearly income is affected. It is decided "how much can you return it?" and can judge the sum that I can borrow from yearly income.
It is usual to pay the ratio of annual loan refundment among the yearly income (yearly income burden rate) to around 20-30%. I calculate "forehead to be able to turn around" from yearly income and can calculate the sum of the approximate home loan that I can borrow.
I count an approximate "sum to be able to buy" backward from this "sum that I can borrow".

I arrange a condition desired

Condition to a new house

If a rough budget is made, I will arrange the requirements to a house to purchase.
At first I begin to write a reason to buy a house, and a family will give the reasons that I came to want. Then the dissatisfaction for the present house becomes clear. Those cancellation becomes the condition of the house where they want to live in. I will give concrete requirements.


Means of the intelligence

 Advertisement flyer house information magazine newspaper publication information  
 Direct mail store advertisement or drawing card advertisement
There are a lot of information tools. We compare requirements from these information, and let's consider.

About the Real estate company of the window

When I ask the Real estate company, or "it is a reliable company" will confirm "how is the correspondence of the person in charge?". As for checking the maintenance about the correspondence after the purchase whether is perfect in after, it is an important point of the selection of Real estate company.
Our company supports all possible measures so that a customer is satisfied. Please feel free to contact us.

Local confirmation (in the case of an apartment)

Is a manager resident?
RepairHow much number of years is the Long-Term Repair Plan?
Common Use FacilityHow about the use rule or the use time?
Parking LotHow many things including the space situation are there it for?
Air-conditionerAre there sleep (hole [hole]) and the outlet for the air-conditioner in each room?
OutletA position and the number of outlets think about the placement of the furniture, and is it suitable?
Electric capacityCan you gain weight in the future?
View, the noiseHow is the sounds of an interval, a road and the factory with neighboring Building?
LightingHow is lighting and the ventilation of each living room?
Neighboring landIs there the construction plan including the vacant land?

Local confirmation (in the case of a single-family house)

SiteHow is Sunlight and the drainage (rainy day)?
The noise, smellAre there not the noise or a smell to be worried about in the outskirts?
RoadHow is the situation including the congestion of neighboring roads?
Educational facilityThe distance to a nursery and a nursery school, a kindergarten, a school.
Convenience of the lifeIs there the shopping area including the mall?
SiteConfirmation of the former situation including the use.
Door, WndowI open out and close it and do it, and is it smooth?
FloorAre there not sinking or the creak?
DrainageIs the drainage of Bathroom and the washing face smooth?
Quake resistance, the durabilityAre there quake resistance, consideration and the invention to the durability?
High insulation is high airtightAre there consideration and the invention to energy saving?
Living roomIs area that accepted each living room enough?
StorageHow long is there the storage space?
Parking LotDoes own Car enter the parking space?

Financial plan

At the time of a loan contract
Guarantee charges
Guarantee charges to pay to association of guarantee
Group credit life insurance charges Life insurance to be included for the death and a severe disability
※In the case of bank loan, Bank may bear a premium.
Fire Insurance Premium In the case of a government finance company, pension financing, I am liable for the participation.
※The earthquake insurance is arbitrary.
Office work Commission Fee
(financing Commission Fee)
The amount of money varies according to a financial institution and houses to purchase.
The settlement of the money left over
The money left over of the purchase price
I pay a sum except the Deposit which I already paid from Price.
Brokerage fee I pay the remainder which I paid at the time of a sales contract to the Intermediary company.
The registration
Registration and license tax
The necessary amount of a tax varies according to the houses which I purchased. I have you leave it at the Judicial Scrivener and pay.
The registration representation Commission Fee I pay in Judicial Scrivener. Other than the legal reward, transportation expenses or the restriction costs (daily allowance) to the Legal Affairs Bureau are included, too.
At the time of entering
Moving expense
When I ask the moving company, it takes it.
Repair Reserve,
Water supply burden iron
Repair Reserve is a new single-family house, and water supply burden iron is necessary in the new apartment.


●In the case of a sales contract
I will confirm documents such as the Disclosure Statement well beforehand. The unidentified thing will refer to the Real estate company. After the contract, I may apply for payment and the loan of the Deposit.

After the purchase

About after purchase

●What you should do after the purchase
・Let's report various taxes after the purchase.
It is the report of various taxes to be important by a procedure after the purchase. A tax is reduced depending on a case and may be returned.

Report of the tax

●Let's report the Real Estate Acquisition Tax if we purchase a person of Real Estate Acquisition Tax.
●When I receive financial support from the exception parents of the donation and purchase a house, by a donation amount of money, a tax rate may lighten than usual.
●When we purchase a house using a home loan subtraction home loan, let's perform a final income tax return. A part of the collected income tax may be sent back. For more details, ask the tax office of the neighborhood.

Return easily

●It is called "advanced payment" to be paying back the advanced payment loan, and to pay back a large amount of sum. A return burden will become light when I perform advanced payment from a loan having high interest rate.
●As refinancing is low interest situation now, it is unlikely, but there is the method "that I refinance" if an interest rate falls in the middle of return.


●Let's maintain a roof and the basics, an outer wall regularly to increase the life of the single-family house.
●I perform the apartment Common Use Area in Management Association, but it is necessary to maintain the room by yourself.
●We confirm whether we deal with defect (we lend) security responsibility if malfunction occurs, and let's use systems such as the maintenance in after.

After the entering

●Main procedure
Transference/electricity, Gas of report of change/transfer (in the case of a public elementary and junior high school)/telephone of moving notice/seal registration of the resident's card, address change of report/Bank of the water supply, address change of Cancellation procedure/driver's license

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