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The staff introduction

I help with room-finding as a good partner of the customer.

Our staff is proud of a cheerful reception and light footwork brightly.
You feel free to contact you, and please contact the staff for the request about the Real estate.
●Belonging: Business (Real Estate Broker)
●A full name: Takeuchi
●Fitting in recently
●Special ability
 I knead dishes, the bread! 
"It is a teller. I keep relief, kind correspondence in mind."
It is immovable industrial the 14th-year Takeuchi.
Lease sales, I am obsessed with Buying and selling business after duties of the management (laugh)
I give the position in favorite THE NORTH FACE and run around with sneakers.
The work is quick in eating that it is early (laugh)
Article is not only Yield!
It is this if I buy an apartment!
I accept anything in both the house and the office.
It is a cheerful company.
Please consult about anything.
●A post: Business (Real Estate Broker)
●A full name: King storm
●I like Japan☆
 Badminton, picture, trip
●Favorite proverb
 Charity is a good investment
●Special ability
●Person to respect
●Correspondence language
 Japanese, English, Chinese
I introduce Japanese Real estate in overseas investors and explain charm of the Japanese Real estate and think that I can introduce in the which wants to buy a lot of good article more.
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