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To sell an article

As a stouthearted partner of owner

The abundant management results and know-how! I build administration representation in response to needs of owner.
We act for administrative tasks such as the collection of money of the rent, the Reform maintenance of the article, contract update, settlement, the cleaning after the leaving. In addition, I promise the stable income by the Vacant guarantee. In addition, I take an objection or the trouble from a resident in place of owner.

Our support

I act for a resident administrative task including the collection of money management and the maintenance of the rent

Commencing with the wage charges income and expenditure duties, put it together in needs of owner including cleaning, the maintenance check of attendance, a room check, safety facilities and the Common Use Area (Corridor, Stairs, Parking Lot, garden) in the Evacuation, and "custom tailoring" does an administrative task. In addition, experienced professional staff copes with the dealing with grievances from a breach of contract of the resident, a trouble, the neighborhood between residents immediately.

I draw up the most suitable management plan

The current situations such as the situation, environment of the Land, the legal regulation analyze hope of owner into the first and suggest a plan for the future. Based on "the case study in various conditions," I calculate the income and expenditure, Yield and profitability depending on the plan number of years and draw up a long-term management plan.
In addition, our professional staff performs "total care" from the eviction negotiations of the resident accompanied with the rebuilding to moving with responsibility when I wish to rebuild the apartment apartment.

Planning aiming at long-term stable management

"The actual values" such as analysis data accumulated so far and "an experience level" of our professional staff put "the predicted value" that I focused on the future needs of the resident more on top of one another and aim at the long-term "stability management".

Partnership with the specialized supplier including the maintenance Reform

A specialty supplier taking the cooperation supports it quickly. I value "the on-site voice" from a specialized supplier and offer long-term "reliable support" of the apartment apartment management.

I act for duties accompanied with contract update and the leaving

Raises of the rent perform negotiations, the procedure with the resident at the time of the contract update.
In addition, I carry out the offer of the new resident as soon as I act for all the duties accompanied with the leaving such as indoor check, the Deposit adjustment, and a notice of the leaving reaches it than a resident.

It recruits residents in real time

I start recruitment of residents with the start of construction. "A house information magazine" makes the most of "a homepage" let alone the paper mediums such as "a flyer" and realizes a real-time information network. Furthermore, the offices check "relief" of owner commencing with the birth and parentage of a resident and the joint surety in a motto severely and contract after careful selection.

Is Reform Renovation in an existing home; comfortably!

An existing home transforms itself into a comfortable house! Our discerning "Reform" and "Renovation"
To owner having a problem with a house, the Vacant which our company becomes old, and have been not crowded, I am doing suggestion of Reform and the Renovation. For example, though "the place is good Layout within the range of commuting…I am not selected without needs matching with ", Layout and facilities including "a bathroom becomes old, and it is dark".
Of the Real estate if effectively utilize it, and think of Vacant measures, please feel free to contact us to us.
Difference between <Reform and Renovation>
The construction that I replace it, and the degree is small of new making and a system kitchen and the Unit Bath of finishing materials such as Reform ... wall paper washing and stretching.
Large-scale construction to improve it than a function, performance at the time of the new construction to the change of the times without rebuilding it, and to raise value including Renovation ... Layout change, plumbing equipment update, the update of the air-conditioning ventilation equipment.

Please feel free to contact us

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TEL. +81-3-5351-7616
I receive a question from owner or an inquiry at any time.
Please refer on the telephone!
2, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 11-5 active Shinjuku building 2F
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